thoughts on moving out & unconditional love

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I started packing for my move tonight. I know it’s only for two weeks, but of course, after 40 pairs of shoes and 15 pairs of jeans, I’m definitely overwhelmed. But I’m ready. It’s about time.

These last few days, I’ve revisited my favorite parts of being myself. I spent some quality time with my mom this weekend as she tried to nurse my migraine and let me snuggle during dateline. I went out on a fun date only to meet up with my best friend after and unexpectedly crash at her place, with no plans or quite frankly, fucks given… on a Monday. Then just now, my dad and I stood in the doorway watching a surprise firework show nearby. My dog spent a solid five minutes licking my pinky.

I’m emotional as all hell right now to move. I’m not even going far. For the first time, I’ve come to realize that I won’t have these luxuries that I’m so accustomed to. Brittany at age 16 and again at age 22 would be very disappointed in me. But I’ve really come around in the last 3-4 years. I’ve not only mended and reinstated my relationship with my family, but I’ve completely rebuilt it from the ground up. Unconditional love means second, third, 100 chances and it’s finally dawned on me to appreciate each chance.

Maybe it’s because Mercury is in retrograde that I’m tearing up (in a good way!) over this. Who the fuck knows. But when is it really ever time to say goodbye?

make over

yesterbae (n.) – your boyfriend from yesterday; commonly referred to as ‘ex-boyfriend’


it’s about that time when I have 83749 other things to do, but instead I sit around and give my blog a facelift. that’s okay, she needed one (4 years later). sometimes we all need a little makeover, whether it’s inside ourselves or simply just by cutting bangs. we can always improve, no matter who you are or how great you are. it’s life, it’s always evolving. as a wise woman says all the time (aka my mom’s favorite line) – “you either shit or you get off the pot” and it’s true. we don’t have time to stand still. life is changing and being adaptable to change, while sounding fantastic in a job interview, is a life skill we need to acquire. and if someone doesn’t have it? it’s very rare that they will ever learn it and it’s time to say bye.

how do you continue to improve?

April showers 

So let’s see…

-It’s the last Monday of being 25. Am I ok? I have no idea, my whole life I looked forward to being 25 years old and in a big city. Well, guess what? I’m 25 years old and in a big city. I’ll be honest: It’s not as glamourous as Sex & the City or Gossip Girl. It’s the daily grind day-to-day. I’m definitely happy where I am, but yes I did have to start over. In fact, I’ve been telling my friends that I want to be 25 again because last year was definitely such a waste of a year. If I could do it all over again, I would have gotten at least 6 months of my life back from it.

-I’m [finally] moving!! It’s temporary, but hopefully it’s the motivatino I need to live on my own. I’m renting a studi apartment and all the furniture has already been included so just me and my bed are on their way. it’s definitely a new adventure and I totally got this. 

-What else? I just joined a new and upcoming NYC blog, which I’m excited about – Spoiled NYC – if you’ve never heard of it, definitely check it out! I’m excited to have a platform for all of my traipsing around the city.

-Last bit, I have jury duty on my birthday. Like really. I know they don’t care but come on, you can’t tell me that not once person looks at your DOB and is like, let’s not have her do this, it’s her birthday.

I’m not sure what else to write about, I’m a little fuzzy because I’m cold and I haven’t had any water yet, which I’ve usually had a bottle by now. I’m in a food hangover from the joint birthday dinner at Peter Luger last night and some water would seriously be amazing IRL.

til later…

is it for the best or nahhh


hi hello! today is definitely a rough day in my neck of the woods and I have no idea why! does that ever happen? when you wake up and every little thing just rubs you the wrong way and you just want to turn your phone off and hide? 

I’m going through a serious reflection period right now and it’s like it’s raining on me. maybe even pouring. I just don’t get it, everything is on the up and up, except me. 

I don’t feel stressed, but I definitely feel tension. I’m not worried, but I’m anxious. I’m not PMSing and I have a great day ahead of me. I hate this fucking cold weather and every time it gets warm, it’s cold again. 

part of me feels like I’m not doing enough with my life. sure I work, but I was so ambitious to open my own company so I did and now it’s on hold because, let’s face it, I was way too overzealous with it. there wasn’t even a business plan, I just dove right in. so I’m doing the right thing and taking a step back, but I feel like it’s taking forever. maybe I’ll spend an hour everyday working on it, but like actually dedicate myself to it – distraction free. 

IN OTHER NEWS, for those of you who don’t know, I’m a vegetarian. I also have been slowly converting to gluten free. I do not have an allergy, just a sensitivity and for everyone who says I’m being dramatic – IDGAF because I feel great. however, this time I have cut out dairy and all gluten. so maybe that’s why I’m cranky. 

one more tidbit, my birthday is coming up. I’m celebrating 25 again because last year was the worst year ever.

that’s enough for now, thanks for listening amigos 

upd8 upd8 UPD8

I really feel like the worst blogger in the world! it’s like I only write when I feel like it and that ain’t right. so my apologies, I am going to try to incorporate this in my weekly routine.

so what’s up?! 

life is good, can’t complain. works been a bit crazy, but nothing unmanageable. I got my hair done a darker brown, which gives me a more down to earth vibe (LOL yeah, right).

I also joined a lacrosse team and have been going to the gym. I know curves are in, but love handles notsomuch. I’ve been pretty gluten free lately, which has been quite the experience.


I’m also finding the importance of spending time with my friends.  I got emotional over an email chain between my parents and the people closest to me because of all the love. not sure when I became so sensitive, but hey, could be worse.

so all in all, my lovely readers, welcome back to the life of britt. I hope you’re along for the bumpy ride. and oh yea….