Dos Ingredients = 34 Snacks

I’m lazy. I’m the first to admit that when I’m hungry, I’d rather imagine myself eating than getting up to get a snack. And when I do, the same old scenario stares me in the face – canned soup, cereal, eggs and a few frozen vegetables. Enter: Crazy Food’s 34 2-Ingredient Recipes.


2 ingredients! That’s all it takes. Marinades, ice creams, pizza crust – you name it. I’m pretty sure not one recipe takes longer than 4 and a half minutes to make, either. Major bonus when dealing with a Breaking Bad marathon.

Let me know if you try any of them! I know I’m definitely planning on it, will update all of you on my success story.


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are you perfect?

I know this sounds like a load of BS – quite frankly, I couldn’t agree more. but after reading this excerpt, I can’t help but think of these little tidbits as peaceful ways to live your life. think I’m still crazy?

let’s have a look:

- Wear comfortable shoes: okay, I love a classic pair of Louboutins, but almost 99% of the time I will always opt to put on my Nike Air Maxs. why? because they’re comfortable. I can get more things done wearing my nikes than my rip-my-toes-off red bottoms.

- Drink plenty of water. When asked what you would like to drink, say, “Water, please.”: I drink like 100oz of water a day. I can’t get enough of it. lemon, lime, cucumber – you name it. I stay hydrated & my body stays comfortable. I do pee a lot…but I would take that over all of those regrettable drunken college nights.

- Do not spend too much time with large groups of people.: There aren’t 12 trillion self-help books to just collect dust on the shelves (even though that’s how we think). spend time on you. I personally love my alone time so much. in fact, that’s how my blog came to be. that’s how I decide what to wear in the morning. get to know yourself & you’ll find that eating at a table for one is actually enjoyable

so far, so good. I feel pretty enlightened. check out the rest in ‘How to be Perfect‘ by Ron Padgett for more tips & tricks on living life to the fullest.

[via The Writer's Almanac]

this store makes you want to buy holiday gifts

ever hear of no? well, have a seat. this store literally has it all from french fries-printed on a sweatshirt to salami-inspired post it notes. i’m most certainly OBSESSED. there are even ‘blue sky’ faux-meth candies from our very favorite show Breaking Bad. see my few favorites from this erratic, yet magnificent store:

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say goodbye to the boob and regain your brain

if you’re tired of mindlessly flipping through episodes of the Kardashians or some type of real housewife, it’s time to turn your TV off. stop gaping your jaw, yes life exists past American Idol. it’s time to give your eyes a break from the burning plasma glow of your 52″ big screen. try wasting your time learning something education, without even realizing it. enter, my new favorite website:

Screen shot 2013-05-21 at 3.15.17 PM
easy enough. just click the link and BAM! educational YouTube videos at random. you don’t have the option to select your category either, so prepare to show off your skills at next week’s trivia since you’ll be so well-versed in every topic. the videos range from mining in space to historical events an even special sea creatures.

the videos are interesting, alluring, and sometimes funny. you’ll be smarter before you know it. and just think, you could have wasted all of that brain power wondering if Kerry Washington will get fired from the white house.

you’re welcome.

rated R: @lohanthony’s YouTube channel

I’m not sure if the ‘Lohanthony’ trend has caught on by you, but where I live, he has given a whole new meaning to basic. we’re all basic. your shirt is basic. the music you like is basic. in fact, your mom is probably basic. as much as I get a kick – literally – out of him and his pinwheel legs (see the video below)…

I can’t help but wonder if his mother knows what he is up to. can we call this feminine preteen a role model? in fact, I have never in my life heard someone under the age of 15 use the F word more than myself. sure he’s entertaining and I can definitely appreciate that. but peep the video here:

I’m not saying kids are going to start beating each other up over some ‘motha-fuggin’ french fries, but YOU’RE 12. it’s pathetic. I think I was learning what nail polish was and riding my bike. what happened, america?

…and why are we egging him on?