Another important #happybirthday shoutout to my #bae #truelove @therock !!!!! #slayasgunnaslay #dwayne #ismellwhattherockiscooking #nofilter ❤️😍🎂 Happy birthday to my brother from the same mother!!! @rzwillich13 🎉👮🏼🎂 Please hold, blending in with the rest of the internet right now @justintimberlake #itsgonnabemay #may1 #spring #funny #lol

@nickcarter is back!!!!! #andimthrilled

I don’t know if any of you got the memo, but our beloved ex-BSB member, Nick Carter, is back with his own single album. Granted he’s been through some hardships, like beating Paris to a pulp, but he is looking just as boy band-ish as always. So join me (and my vintage “Kisses for Carter” poster) on Thursday February 2nd at Iriving Plaza in NYC to watch him perform live. I wonder if he’ll be as good without Brian Litrell…

this is definitely cool sh*t.


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