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LMFAO meets sesame street, fave youtube vid before bed round 10

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stop callin’, stop callin’, I don’t wanna talk anymore – a tribute to @ladygaga & @beyonce

giggle away, my little monsters.


make you vom: mice love big macs, and so do you!!

I’m a Phillies fan. I love the rich suburbs outside of the city. I watch Always Sunny religiously. but one thing is for sure: Philly is dirty. and as if I needed proof, I caught a glimpse of this news brief about mice sh*tting on the big mac buns and then being served to those avid mcdonalds fan. see below:

not only is the manager feeling herself up, but she just throws the nibbled through buns away. sure there have been reports about mcdonalds being dirty and finding animal heads in the cheeseburgers, but this is hidden from the clueless consumers. just like the mouse poops. granted this mcdonalds isn’t up to sanitation par, yet they’re still serving pooped-on buns. I would have been fired from there too.

good thing I usually order the mac snack wrap instead.

Cool Sh*t By Britt is on YouTube

Alright, since things have been on the up and up and I feel a video series coming on, I have a channel on YouTube! But don’t laugh – there’s only 1 test video up there and it happens to be me dancing to Round of Applause by Waka Flocka Flame. Okay, you can laugh, it’s hilarious.

I get emotional from this commercial @ladygaga #googlechrome

I love when the über-famous can still show appreciation for their fans, hence the inspiring goosebumps and tears on my end. go ahead, watch & weep:

are you following me yet?


I’m not sure if you’ve caught the memo, but @coolshtbybritt is slowly working itself into the world of social media. so if you need quick bits of cool sh*t, be sure to follow me!

the intruding fruit – fave youtube vid before bed, round 9

I love the bed intruder video & annoying orange. this gives me a smile every time. enjoy!



new music project launching tomorrow – we need YOUR help!

my new BFF

for those of you so into my cool sh*t, keep your eyes and ears open for my latest ordeal involving music, Manhattan, and some pretty talented folks. beginning tomorrow, I will be documenting every piece of public music I can find – in the subways, in the parks, on the corners…you name it. know of any musical hidden spots or have any friends with skills? send an email to – I’ll be on call ALLL DAYYY. and oh yeah, say hi if you see me filming!

@nickcarter is back!!!!! #andimthrilled

I don’t know if any of you got the memo, but our beloved ex-BSB member, Nick Carter, is back with his own single album. Granted he’s been through some hardships, like beating Paris to a pulp, but he is looking just as boy band-ish as always. So join me (and my vintage “Kisses for Carter” poster) on Thursday February 2nd at Iriving Plaza in NYC to watch him perform live. I wonder if he’ll be as good without Brian Litrell…

this is definitely cool sh*t.


talking parrot – fave youtube vid, round 8

as much as I am against animal testing, this is still pretty cool. polly want a cracka?


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